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We recently held a meetup at Pinterest’s offices to discuss some of the tools & frameworks that some of the most successful companies have built in-house to enable them to drive growth at scale. We had a great turnout to hear speakers from Dropbox, Pinterest, and Facebook.

A few of the tools & frameworks we heard about were:

– Gandalf, a framework to target marketing messages & campaigns to users

– How Dropbox gets new users to bridge the gap between desktop and mobile

– Copytune, a framework for optimizing copy on a per language basis

– How to build an SEO Experimentation framework

– How Facebook uses “quick experiments” to assess the impact of even the smallest changes, such as bug fixes

If you’re an engineer interested in growth, join the SF Growth Engineering Meetup to find out more about these events in the future.

About the Speakers:

Darius Contractor – Darius works on Growth at Dropbox. He’s previously VP of Engineering at Bebo (acquired by AOL) and PM/Senior Eng at (acquired by Monster). He focuses on building the right product as simply as possible, iterative engineering and having fun. Occasionally, he blogs about psychology at

Viraj Mody – Viraj is an Engineering Manager and has been at Dropbox for 2.5 years where he focuses on onboarding/education/engagement initiatives & building infrastructure for growth. Before Dropbox, Viraj was a founder of Audiogalaxy (acquired by Dropbox in 2012).

John Egan – John is a lead engineer on the Growth team at Pinterest where he leads up efforts on emails & notifications. Prior to Pinterest, he led the Growth engineering team at Shopkick (acquired by SK Planet). You can read his thoughts on growth at

Julie Ahn – Julie is a software engineer on the Growth team at Pinterest where she focuses on search engine optimization. She built out the SEO experimentation framework which allows Pinterest to demystify SEO and help drive millions of incremental visits a day to Pinterest. Prior to Pinterest, she was a mechanical engineer in South Korea.

Ran Makavy – Ran is a Director of Product Management at Facebook. He spent the first three years on the Growth team, looking at mobile and emerging market. Today, he is running Facebook’s Local and Entities teams, building consumer products around places and location. Before Facebook, he co-founded Snaptu & grew it to over 100 million active users before it was acquired by Facebook.


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