Past Talks

Here are some of the talks I’ve given:

Growth Engineering Lightning Talks (Online, June 2021)

Harvard Business School: Decoding Growth In Silicon Valley (Online, March 2021)

Growth Hacking World Forum (San Francisco, November 2018) [video]

App Growth Summit (San Francisco, October 2018)

RealSelf Growth Meetup (Seattle, May 2018)

MAU 2018 (Las Vegas, April 2018) [video]

Growth Hackers Conference 2018 (San Diego, February 2018)

StartCon 2017 (Sydney, December 2017)

Mobile World Congress – App Valley Summit (San Francisco, September 2017)

Acceleration 2017 (New York, May 2017)

Email Marketing Talks (San Francisco, December 2016) [video]

Mobilize 2016 (San Francisco, November 2016)

Social Media Week (San Francisco, June 2016)

Israeli Executives and Founders Forum (Palo Alto, April 2016)

FeverBee Sprint (San Francisco, November 2015)

MTL Ensemble (Montreal, October 2015)

Greylock Growth Meetup (San Francisco, August 2015)

San Francisco Growth Engineering Meetup (San Francisco, April 2015) [video]

Habit Summit (Palo Alto, March 2015) [video]

Draper University (San Mateo, February 2015) [video]

Mobile Growth Hackers Meetup at Stanford StartX (Palo Alto, October 2014)

San Francisco Growth Engineering Meetup (San Francisco, August 2014)

500 DISTRO Conference (San Francisco, August 2014) [video]

Growth Hacker TV (June 2014) [video]