Increase funnel conversion with Psych

Every year engineers on the Pinterest Growth team organize an internal conference called Growthcon. The goal of Growthcon is help share learnings, insights, and best practices from across all the teams in Growth. Every Growthcon has a mix of talks from internal speakers, breakout learning labs, and a keynote speaker. For this year’s keynote we invited Darius Contractor, who has led Growth at Airtable, Facebook Messenger, and Dropbox, to come give a talk about his Psych framework for funnel optimization.

Darius dissects flows from, Hooked, Airbnb, and Airtable and walks through step by step how you can use the psych framework and user psychology to understand what will make a user convert through a flow. Watch the video below to learn about how you can apply the psych framework to your conversion rate optimization efforts.


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