About Me

My name is John Egan. I’ve been working in growth for over 7 years. I’m currently working on the growth team at Pinterest where I’m the Engineering Manager for the Notifications Team, SEO Team, and Paid Acquisition Team. At Pinterest I’ve spearheaded several projects that cumulatively have helped add millions of WAUs. Previously, I led the growth engineering team at Shopkick, a cross-retailer mobile loyalty app funded by Kleiner-Perkins & Greylock Partners which was acquired by SK Planet for $200MM. At Shopkick I helped grow the userbase 8x from 1MM users to 8MM users primarily through invites, geofencing, & push notifications.

I love talking about Growth, and here is a list of a few talks I’ve given.

 All the opinions on this blog are my own and do not represent the views of my employer.