Growth Engineering Meetup (Airbnb, Pinterest, Twitter)

Pinterest recently hosted a SF Growth Engineering meetup at the Pinterest office to discuss how some of the most successful companies drive growth at scale. See the video below to hear what speakers from Pinterest, Airbnb and Twitter had to share.

Synopsis of the talks

Paid growth @ Airbnb

Ganesh Venkataraman discusses the various channels and techniques used towards paid marketing at Airbnb as well as the underlying challenges around data/machine learning and attribution.

Speaker: Venkataraman leads guest growth engineering at Airbnb. Previously he worked at LinkedIn where he led careers relevance (job search, recommendations and statistical insights on salary). He has over 20 publications/tutorials/talks in leading conferences including SIGKDD, SIGIR, CIKM, SODA etc. He also has filed 16 patents in areas related to search and machine learning.

Onboarding component framework @ Twitter

Michael Lin covers Twitter’s Onboarding Component Framework which allows backend systems to construct personalizable signup flows using generic client-side components. This talk addresses the infrastructure, experiments and learnings from building this system.

Speaker: Lin is an infrastructure engineer on the Onboarding Team at Twitter. During his four year tenure at Twitter, he has also worked on account security, anti-spam and ads infrastructure. Michael is a graduate of the University of Toronto.

Keeping your resurrected users out of the graveyard @ Pinterest

Pinterest has millions of dormant users that resurrect each week, but often times they churn back out. Allan Blair discusses how Pinterest has built a strategy to classify, measure impact and ultimately increase our resurrected user retention.

Speaker: Blair is a full-stack engineer on the Engagement Growth team at Pinterest. Previously he worked as an Investment Banker at J.P. Morgan on Wall Street. Allan is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York.

The SF Growth Engineering Meetup holds these talks like these about once a quarter. Feel free to j. Join the SF Growth Engineering Meetup Group to stay in the loop and find out about future events.

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